Our dispatch team uses the Xcelerator software as a database to track every pickup and delivery our drivers make. This enables them to enter any special instructions for a job, which are transmitted directly to the driver. Using Xcelerator also allows TLX customers to access and view/download any current or previous invoices.

Our software database capabilities include:

  • Order, specify & track inventory
  • Bar code scanning
  • Dynamic route optimization
  • Real-time visibility
  • Mobile picture & document imaging
  • Accurate & centralized inventory
  • Purchase order management

The TLX driver team is also trained to use the latest industry-specific mobile apps for their pickups and routes, such as MobileTek. MobileTek has the following features:

  • Track driver events, getting precise GPS for every action completed by the driver
  • Deliver when no one is home – when a package must be left without a signature, VPOD (visual proof of delivery) is the perfect solution. 
  • Dynamic sequencing can be done with SmartRoute. MobileTek Core will acknowledge sequencing requests initiated in Xcelerator.

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