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Driver Selection Process
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Translogistix has established extensive driver recruiting, hiring, and training procedures that ensure every customer receives professional, reliable, and courteous service at all times.

Our company utilizes a wide range of vehicles consisting of cars, vans, and trucks. Vehicles are inspected regularly as part of the TLX Vehicle Performance Policy.

Driver Selection Process

Translogistix has long established and rigorous driver requirements and hiring procedures. Among other exhaustive requirements, to qualify as a Translogistix driver each applicant must have photocopies of current insurance and Driver’s License and at least 2 years prior experience as a driver in the Eastern U.S service area. more…

Driver audits

All Translogistix drivers are audited frequently for full compliance with state and local regulatory requirements. Additionally, Translogistix drivers are audited on a regular basis for company procedure, directive, and qualification compliance. more…

Driver managment

Translogistix staffs over 600 experienced delivery and courier drivers. Due to thorough recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training procedures, all Translogistix drivers take pride in their work. more…

Vehicle proformance policy

The Vehicle Performance Policy is a deep-rooted, comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that govern the safety, reliability, and efficiency of vehicle performance. more…

Preformance Managment

Translogistix performance management includes continual monitoring of traffic conditions, weather conditions, civil disruptions, just to mention a few. We employ multiple layers of service redundancy ensuring real-time supervision, and the quickest resolution possible. more…


We use a wide range of vehicles consisting of cars, vans and trucks, late model and typically air-conditioned. Vehicles are inspected regularly as part of the Vehicle Performance Policy. more…

Disbatch & Order entry

The dispatch department is in constant contact with all Translogistix drivers via digital communications and hand-held, two-way communicators for instant updating. Dispatch procedures combine dispatcher directives and computerized automated processes. more…

Proof of delivery (POd)

Translogistix dispatchers immediately update delivery tickets in the computerized dispatch order system for POD audit trail. TransLogistiX maintains both hardcopy and computerized POD, both available for our customer at any time. Additionally, our Dispatch Manager can communicate directly to our customers if requested. more…