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All of our drivers are audited frequently for full compliance with state and local regulatory requirements. Additionally, drivers are audited on a regular basis for company procedure, directive, and qualification compliance.

All drivers are professionally trained to perform a large volume of diverse deliveries. Driver training is conducted regularly in a classroom environment, with follow-up, continuing education sessions every 6-12 months. Additionally, drivers are given industry specific training for assigned delivery work.

Driver audits consist of written documents, questionnaires, and in-field observations. Drivers are given 7 days to complete and submit all written audit information.

The following is a summary of some the Translogistix driver audit processes:

  • Each driver is reviewed on a weekly basis for professional appearance and attitude.
  • Each driver is reviewed daily for all paperwork compliance.
  • Each driver is reviewed daily for on-time performance.
  • Each driver is inspected to ensure properly maintained vehicle and equipment necessary to perform their duties.
  • Each driver is required to submit updated personal and insurance information as it changes.
  • Failure of any audit item subjects driver to immediate suspension until full compliance is verified.