Warehousing/Cross Docking

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

TransLogistiX is one the region’s premier warehousing, storage, fulfillment, distribution and kitting companies serving both local and national customers. We offer and provide comprehensive warehousing and fulfillment services to many customers. Our warehouse and fulfillment programs provide that TransLogistiX receives customer inventory, then warehouses, picks, and ships customer products to their end users.

This value-added service eliminates all or much of the expense and liability that customers would otherwise incur in operating a warehouse facility themselves. TransLogistiX warehousing distribution services can be customized to fit any particular product line.

We take pride in the continuity of customer satisfaction and the quality of our work. A strict set of procedures are set into place for each project to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of each kitting job. Nothing leaves our facility without passing our stringent quality control procedures, custom designed to meet the specifications for each job.

TransLogistiX has the ability to handle jobs efficiently and cost effectively, no matter what the volume is. Every customer is provided the time and attention necessary to complete a project from start to finish.

55,000 Square Foot Warehouse available for:

  • Dry Storage
  • Pick/Pack
  • Fix Freight/Load
  • Flipping
  • Hub and Spoke
  • Will Call

Warehousing/Cross Docking Services

Many of our warehouse and distribution centers have cross-docking services, which allow us to break down the received items at the loading dock and match them with final destination orders. This immediate transfer of goods from transportation to fulfillment limits the time spent in warehouse, which reduces or eliminates the costs associated with traditional warehousing.

Warehouse features

  • Inventory System for Parts Stocking and Shipping
  • Comprehensive Warehouse Security
  • Alarm and Video Surveillance 24/7
  • Fire Safety Monitoring & Equipment