corporate express logo TransLogistiX has success stories from helping many organizations solve problems and achieve their goals in partnership with TransLogistiX. We know you’re particularly interested in how we’ve helped other customers overcome challenges that might be similar to your own.

Client’s Challenge 

The Corporate Express (CE) local Mid-Atlantic transportation manager had been unsuccessful using several delivery companies in Pennsylvania. The following are among just some of the service problems he repeatedly encountered:

  • Missed delivery times
  • CE customers suffered delivery ‘shorts’
  • CE customers experienced rude driver behavior
  • Courier drivers maintained unacceptable appearances
The bottom line was that Corporate Express was losing business daily, and none of the delivery vendors they used could solve the problems.

Solution Provided by Translogistix

The Corporate Express manager contacted TransLogistiX. At an emergency ‘requirements’ meeting, TransLogistiX reviewed all problems and desired solutions. Using a customer-specific approach, TransLogistiX rapidly devised and implemented a customized Solution plan to solve CE’s problems. Part of the successful TransLogistiX solution plan was called the ‘hand shake’ procedure.

  • At service launch, TransLogistiX staff commenced servicing CE customers by meeting personally with them. This ‘consultative’ meeting was conducted to immediately restore customer confidence in CE and to quickly find answers: what were their real needs, where did they want their products delivered, what time, etc.
  • TransLogistiX then rapidly assembled a CE-specific team of customer oriented
  • TransLogistiX delivery professionals to fulfill and exceed all requirements.
  • TransLogistiX supplied professional, uniformed, courteous drivers.
  • TransLogistiX supplied reliable, state-of-the-art communications that ensured on-time deliveries.
  • Part of the continuing TransLogistiX solution plan even involved ‘hands-on’ participation with CE in their sales meetings, CE sales/service appointments, and much more. TransLogistiX staff went on ‘walk-throughs’ with CE in hospital customers and did everything necessary to ensure that CE renewed and kept their business.
  • As a true business partner with CE, TransLogistiX even helped set benchmarks for new CE business. In providing a ‘Total Transportation Solution’, TransLogistiX went the ‘Total Distance’ and provided Corporate Express with the delivery solution they really needed in order to solve their problem, and then to grow.
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