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Best Practices

TranslogistiX has adopted a simple, yet profound Best Practice business model named Competitive Business Practices (CBP). We evaluate our processes, which has an effect on our customers service and pricing with the desire to reduce costs and improve service.

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Stabilize your costs

TransLogistix stabilizes service costs by eliminating erratic and unstable delivery pricing. We offer the highest quality delivery service and the lowest pricing possible. We have the experience to help you balance your business issues with your desire to stabilize service costs.

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Partnership Process

TransLogistiX has implemented a 'Partnership Process' consistently meeting the delivery service needs of our customers. Highlights of our Partnership Process include customer location visits, requirements and cost analysis, and efficiency analysis.

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Multi-industry Solutions

TranslogistiX has worked with many industry customers to solve unique delivery requirements and has championed inventive solutions. Equipped with our in-depth industry expertise, TranslogistiX continues to develop innovative service features and benefits specifically for clients and the industries they support.

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Go Farther

You want a company to go farther than fulfilling service orders. You want a transportation and delivery provider who understands your industry, your business, and the pressures that are driving you to look for solutions. You want to partner with an organization that delivers on the expectations it sets. And you want your vendor to care about the business outcomes you need to achieve when implementing new solutions and work with you to make sure the solutions deliver the results you expect. TransLogistiX is that solutions partner.

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Post 9/11 Contingency Planning

After the tragic events on September 11, 2001, TranslogistiX felt obligated to reexamine its aggressive planned reliance on Internet technology for customer service functions such as online ordering and tracking. TranslogistiX realized that complete reliance on Internet infrastructure can expose our daily delivery operations to risks if for any reason there is an extended Internet powerfailure. As we implement Internet technology, we continue to rely on our own time-tested, successful communication methods. TranslogistiX customers are confident that we always protect their interests.

why choose us ?

For over two decades TransLogistiX has provided delivery and transportation solutions for a wide variety of customers, including White Glove, Last Mile Delivery. TransLogistiX is fully equipped to help your company effectively, efficiently, and rapidly resolve the issues and risks identified below, with specific emphasis on your company's need to secure reliable, flexible, scalable delivery services

  • Driver Audits

    All TransLogistix drivers are audited frequently for full compliance with state and local regulatory requirements. Additionally, drivers are audited on a regular basis for TransLogistix company procedure, directive, and qualification compliance.

  • Company Driver Management and Training

    TransLogistix staffs over sixty experienced delivery and courier drivers. Because of the thorough TransLogistix recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training procedures, all TransLogistix drivers take pride in their work. All TransLogistix drivers are professionally trained to perform a large volume of diverse deliveries.

  • Vehicle Performance Policy

    The TransLogistix Vehicle Performance Policy is a deep-rooted, comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that govern the safety, reliability, and efficiency of TransLogistix vehicle performance. Driver vehicles are audited and inspected once a month. No vehicle is allowed in the TransLogistix fleet unless it is in full compliance with vehicle requirements.

  • Performance Management

    We have based all of our performance management and tracking on years of successful delivery service, and on TransLogistix problem resolution techniques. Using a ‘best practices’ model for performance management enables us to optimize our procedures on a regular basis.

    This fine-tuning process equips our drivers, dispatch, and entire operations staff with the most dependable performance management possible.

    We realize that we can never be 100% risk free regarding delivery performance, however we have the best processes and procedures in place to quickly and efficiently provide resolution, while minimizing problems.