Performance Management

Performance Management

TransLogistiX performance management includes continual monitoring of traffic conditions, weather conditions, civil disruptions, just to mention a few. We employ multiple layers of service redundancy ensuring real-time supervision, and the quickest resolution possible. As in other aspects of TransLogistiX operation procedures, we have specific resolution escalation procedures in case of power outages or major natural disaster problems.

The TransLogistiX goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, we employ a management team that boasts over seventy years combined experience in the Mid Atlantic delivery industry and we staff the most experienced drivers in the business.

We have based all of our performance management and tracking on years of successful delivery service, and on TransLogistiX problem resolution techniques. Using a 'best practices' model for performance management enables us to optimize our procedures on a regular basis. This fine-tuning process equips our drivers, dispatch, and entire operations staff with the most dependable performance management possible.

A few of the specific performance management techniques we use include:

  • Use of GPS and Vehicle Locator technology to track exact location driver at all times. Dispatchers will not have to rely on direct voice communication
  • Use of real time mapping, satellite, and routing software to pin point exact locations of deliveries and pick-ups. Actual images of buildings can be brought up to assist drivers.
  • Real time traffic reports imposed on regional and local maps
  • Interactive dispatch screens that alert dispatchers in advance when deliveries and pick-ups are not updated as complete thus allowing pro-active problem solving and notification. Dispatch can track progress of each driver and make resource adjustments for pick ups
  • All the above screens are available and will be monitored daily by TransLogistiX management in our dispatch office.
  • Monitoring VDOT traffic video cams
  • Continual driver cross-communication
  • Multiple layers of redundancy including 3rd party vendors
  • Disaster Contingency Plan - Onsite service

As an example of our escalation procedures, if our delivery time ratio ever falls below satisfactory standards for any customer, TransLogistiX performance procedures provide that our experienced staff perform a complete service audit to immediately identify and fix the problem. In most instances, problems are solved. However, if any delivery takes longer than the time parameters set forth, a TransLogistiX 'Troubleshooter' makes a "courtesy call-back" to inform the customer, and deploy an alternative plan if necessary.

TransLogistiX Troubleshooter

The TransLogistiX Troubleshooter ensures the utmost in TransLogistiX Quality Control and is aware of every issue that occurs with our drivers, including traffic backups from construction delays, accidents, or weather. The Troubleshooter communicates any problems to our customers and keeps them informed at all times. The Troubleshooter constantly oversees the drivers in the region to ensure customer packages arrive and are delivered to their destination in a safe and timely fashion.