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Driver Audits

All of our drivers are audited frequently for full compliance with state and local regulatory requirements. Additionally, drivers are audited on a regular basis for company procedure, directive, and qualification compliance.


All TransLogistix LLC drivers are provided state-of-the-art, two-way communication equipment as well as industry-specific supplies. We use a wide range of vehicles consisting of cars, vans and trucks, late model and typically air-conditioned. Vehicles are inspected regularly as part of the Vehicle Performance Policy.

Vehicle Performance Policy

The Vehicle Performance Policy is a deep-rooted, comprehensive set of guidelines and procedures that govern the safety, reliability, and efficiency of vehicle performance. Driver vehicles are audited and inspected once a month. No vehicle is allowed in the TransLogistix LLC fleet unless it is in full compliance with vehicle requirements.

Company Driver Management and Training

TransLogistix LLC staffs over sixty experienced delivery and courier drivers. Due to thorough recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training procedures, all TransLogistix LLC drivers take pride in their work. All drivers are professionally trained to perform a large volume of diverse deliveries.

Service Areas

We provide service for many areas in the United States, including:
-The Mid Atlantic Region (Baltimore, Washington DC, Annapolis)
-Pittsburgh, PA
-Nashville, TN
-Memphis , TN
-Charlotte, NC
-Raleigh, NC 


The dispatch department is in constant contact with all TransLogistix LLC drivers via digital communications and hand-held, two-way communicators for instant updating. Dispatch procedures combine dispatcher directives and computerized automated processes.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Management

TransLogistix LLC dispatchers immediately update delivery tickets in the computerized dispatch order system for POD audit trail. TransLogistix LLC maintains both hardcopy and computerized POD, both available for our customer at any time. Additionally, our Dispatch Manager can communicate directly to our customers if requested.

Performance Management

We have based all of our performance management and tracking on years of successful delivery service, and on problem resolution techniques. Using a ‘best practices’ model for performance management enables us to optimize our procedures on a regular basis. We realize that we can never be 100% risk free regarding delivery performance, however we have the best processes and procedures in place to quickly and efficiently provide resolution, while minimizing problems.

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