Company History

company history

2020: MORE to come…

2019: Opened 50k SF warehouse, 10 dock door, TLX Headquarters

2018: Expanded Tractor/Trailer service to NY, SC, WV

2017: Launched Tractor/Trailer Division, 50 Trucks, 70 W2 drivers, service east of Mississippi

2016: Opened TLT HQ in Annapolis MD

2015: Created TLT - 900 employees delivering Amazon packages NY – SC

2014: Launched Box Truck Delivery DDU Division, mail deliveries to 7 States, 700 trucks

2013: Offered 7 Day week Home Delivery

2010-2012: White Glove Home Division Delivery 2 Man Assembly Home Appointments

2009: Launched TransTraX, new, powerful, Online Order & Tracking system

2008: Bar Code package I.D and package tracking via Bar Code

2007: Implemented ‘virtual’ office for Customer Relationship Management

2006: Instituted GPS Satellite driver tracking technology

2005: Continuing commitment to additional geographical and service expansion

2004: Name change Legal Courier to TransLogistiX reflecting total transportation and logistics services

2003: Adopted 'Competitive Business Policy’

2002: Implemented Post 9/11 Contingency and Disaster Planning

2001: Adopted 'Best Practices' management model

2000: Expanded service offerings to warehouse, trucking, 3rd Party Logistics

1999: State-of-the art dispatch technology and comprehensive communications

1998: Extended service areas to Mid Atlantic

1996-1999: Doubled Business